Pro-immigration reform Republican Survives Primary

As primary results trickle in over the next several weeks, GOP House leadership may learn what pro-immigration reform advocates have predicted for months:  support for immigration reform will not be the end of the GOP.   

This week, Rep. Renee Ellmers -- a Republican in North Carolina who came out in support of immigration reform earlier this year -- defeated her Tea Party opponent with 58.72 percent of the vote, three points greater than her margin in the 2012 GOP primary.  The victory came despite attacks from Laura Ingraham,, NumbersUSA, ALIPAC, and local Tea Party groups.  

The race is considered an early test of how pro-reform Republicans will fare in primary battles against conservative opponents.   If Ellmers' victory is any indication, it looks like the pro-reform movement has been right all along.  The voices against immigration reform are loud, but they are few.