Will inevitable action by Obama cause Republicans to act on immigration reform?

According to a new report out by the Associated Press this week, the Obama Administration seems poised to act on immigration.  It remains unclear exactly what the President and the nation's new head of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson plan to do to curb the high rate of deportations and immense suffering of immigrant families, but administrative action appears all but certain as the clock for immigration reform ticks away.    

Meanwhile, recent actions by House Republicans certainly leave no shortage of speculation around what the GOP plans to do next on immigration. Some House Republicans are continuing to try to build consensus in their caucus around the need to act on reform this year.   And Speaker Boehner recently made encouraging statements to GOP donors in Las Vegas claiming he was "hell bent" on achieving immigration reform this year.  

While the immigration debate gets mired in politics, each day about 1,100 more immigrants are deported.  Children are left without parents.  Mothers are left suddenly with the responsibility for providing for their children, sometimes for the first time in their lives.  The enormous strain on families caused by our broken immigration system cannot be understated.  It is now up to the President and House Republicans to both get on the right side of history and do what is in their power to bring relief to America's immigrant families.